Migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, life under and in spite of “Kafala”

Covid-19, an economic crisis, an explosion that destroyed half of the city and the “Kafala system” that puts you, unprotected, at the mercy of your employer. This is the journey of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon and their fight for justice and self-empowerment.

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This project is part of the global initiative
“Transparency and media freedom – Crisis resilience in the pandemic”

This project is the result of a workshop of DW Akademie. All views expressed in this project are those of the author and do not reflect the views of Deutsche Welle.

Story: Youssef Hajj Ali
Arabic to English Translation: Sabah Jalloul
Illustration: Tharwa Zeitoun
Photographs: Hussein baydoun
Video: Ali Chiran, Fourate Chahal El Rekaby
Design: Ibrahim Charara
Development: Jaafar Charara, Rawan Houri

Editor: Ibrahim Charara